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~Welcome To The Dayton Affair~

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      Welcome To Dayton's Rocky Horror. Please Check out the Current 
Cast Site HERE.We have about 100 people every saterday night..50 of those are regular's (meaning their there every weekend).
      It's a fun filled night for both adults and children.
With a our great cast acting out the movie as it appears on screen. 
You as the audience get to throw rice,toast & toilet paper.
cards as the cast and your friendsand yell as loud as you want.
      Its like no movie you've ever seen and an expericence you'll never 
forget.You can get these items by buying a Rocky Horror Survivel Kit
for $1.00 as you enter The Neon.
      For More information please visit our info page by either clicking 
HERE or the button above.

     Take the time to look threw the many pictures in our very own  Vault.
The Art Gallery is  Here.
     Please visit our Downloads page where you can find the Rocky font 
and other interesting things soon to come.
     And soon to come Sound Clips.

Injoy and Thank You- Etana & Tony 

Rocky Horror The Dayton Affair  12-9-98

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